What to pack on a Disney cruise“What should I pack for my Disney Bahamian Cruise?” was a question we asked ourselves oh, only about 1,249 times before we left for our trip.

I read more guides and Internet articles about this particular subject than I care to admit. At my very core, I am a prepared person. I don’t like to forget things {although I am the most scatterbrained person ever} and being a girl and all, leaving something I need at home could potentially cause World War III or an earthquake or something of that magnitude {like a grumpy teen}.

Thankfully, we had some friends who told us what to bring on our cruise and what we should leave behind. Our cousin, Sarah, who went on the trip with us had been on a cruise before, so she also gave us some helpful tips.

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What to pack in your suitcase

  • Large cup. There are FREE soda stations and ice cream machines on the Disney ship, so you’ll want to make sure to bring a ginormous cup. {Or your Yeti/Ozark Trail cup. That works too.}
  • Earplugs. If you are sharing a stateroom on a Disney Cruise, I’d recommend buying a pair of earplugs to wear when you sleep. It’s a small room and if lots of family members are staying together, earplugs definitely come in handy. 
  • Small bill amounts. It is so important to bring a bunch of $1 bills and/or other small amounts of cash on the trip! Not only is it necessary to pay for the many toll bridges in Florida {assuming you’re driving down}, but money for tipping your servers, room service, porters, the shuttle bus driver, and the stateroom host is also needed. 
  • Dressy clothes. Be sure to check your cruise guide to see how dressy the attire for your trip needs to be. Our three day cruise was dressy-casual, so we just wore our church clothes {a dress or nice shirt/pants}.
  • Sweater and/or a sweatshirt. If you’re like me, and are extremely cold natured, bring a sweater {for the dressier events} and/or a sweatshirt. It wasn’t freezing, per say, but this girl was glad about the extra layers.
  • Water bottles. Strangely enough, water is kind of hard to come by on a Disney Cruise. It’s not impossible to get, but it’s not easy. Each of us brought three to four water bottles in our suitcase. When we got on board, we were so thankful we brought some water. 
  • Sandals, dressy shoes, and tennis shoes. I brought three types of shoe-wear because 1) I’m a girl, and I like options. 2) I wore each pair. Sandals for walking around on the ship and on the islands in the Bahamas. Dressy shoes for dinner. And tennis shoes for when I wanted to be comfy or walk around on the boat. Really, though, how many pairs of shoes you bring is up to you and your preferences.
  • Swimsuits, toiletries, outfits, PJ’s. I won’t specifically list these things out, just plan accordingly for how many days you’re staying.

Suitcase and backpack for Disney cruise

What to pack in your backpack/carry on

  • Passport. Technically, you don’t have to have a passport for a Disney Cruise, but Disney strongly recommends it {as do I}. If you choose not to get a passport, they do require you to bring photo ID and your original birth certificate . We just went ahead and got passports, so it would be easier on us and as a “just in case.”
  • Swimsuit and a change of clothes. Your suitcase doesn’t arrive until later, so if you want to go swimming immediately, make sure to take a swimsuit and a change of clothes. {Or you could wear your swimsuit under your clothes.}
  • Camera. Do not forget your camera! You’ll want to take pictures of literally everything from the minute you get on board. From the ocean to the chandelier in the lobby to the cute little desserts, everything is picture-worthy. You will want to remember it all, so take the camera.
  • Lanyards. If, for whatever reason, you have lanyards lying around at home, throw them in your backpack for your cruise! I had some from a college event I went to, and they really came in handy for our trip. You can also buy some cheap lanyards off of Amazon.com. A lanyard is a MUST because you need to put your key card in it {also known as the key to literally everything you need on the ship}. While they do have lanyards you can buy on the ship, they cost more.
  • Sunglasses. It’s sunny. The sun gets in your eyes. It’s miserable. Need I say more?
  • Snack. We didn’t eat lunch before we boarded because we wanted to pig out when we got on the ship. However, we did pack a granola bar in our backpacks and ate it before we boarded to tide us over until then.
  • Bottled water. Whether it’s waiting to board the ship or walking around on deck, sooner or later, you’re going to want bottled water. We didn’t get our suitcases until later that evening, so we didn’t have access to the bottles of water we packed in there. Just believe me when I say: take a bottle of water in your backpack too. Just keep in mind the bottled water does have to be UNOPENED as you board the ship.
  • Makeup and toothbrush. If you’re like us and worry about not getting your suitcase in a timely manner {which, by the way, our suitcases were delivered three hours after we were on board}, take makeup and a toothbrush to freshen up.

What should I pack for my Disney Bahamian Cruise

I hope my list of what to pack on a Disney Bahamian Cruise helped you! I would suggest you still glance at Disney’s packing checklist, but everything above about covered what we needed.

Comment below if you’re going on a Disney Cruise anytime soon and if my packing list helped or if you would add anything else. I’d love to hear from you!

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