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Red blanket scarf winter outfit ideaTop: LOFT {similar} || Pants: Old Navy || Blanket scarf: Shoptiques || Boots: Saks Fifth Avenue

Cute outfit with red blanet scarfBlanket scarf and UGG boots outfitBlanket scarf outfitOutfit for snow daylove using my red blanket scarf as an accessory to create cute winter outfits!

I especially love it, though, when those winter outfits are worn on a snowy day. When my sisters and I woke up to a white-covered world last month, I wasted no time wrapping my red, plaid blanket scarf around my neck. While I’d love to tell you how I look in the pictures above is how I woke up, that would be a blatant lie. And this is an honest blog after all. 

I can say I wore my super warm blanket scarf all morning while we frolicked in the snow. That’s what I love about this accessory—it can be used to dress up an outfit, or its job can simply be to keep warm.  

I’m a Southern Girl Who Loves Snow

A snow day in Alabama is as rare as hearing a southerner say “I love this humidity” in the middle of July. Well, I’m expecting to hear this horrid declaration any second now, because this winter, we’ve had not one but two snow days. This strange white, powdery phenomenon made its appearance back in December as well as in January.

As snowflakes fell across the south, schools and businesses were shut down for a couple of days, roads were deemed “impassable,” and kids of all ages donned approximately eleven layers of clothing.

There’s just something about snow that forces the world {okay, okay, the south} to slow down and drink a cup of hot chocolate or read a book by the fire. It’s a reminder to embrace your inner kid and build a snowman or fear for your life as you sled down a hill taller than Mount Everest.

Snow just seems like one of God’s many gifts to us. A winter wonderland that evokes a sense of awe and wonder from even the oldest of people. 

It’s absolutely magical.

I know many would disagree and call snow a “nuisance” among other things {and I can understand why}. Say what you want, but the only word this southern girl can think of for snow is “miraculous.”

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