Leaving Port CanaveralAt the beginning of January, our family took a three day Disney Cruise to the Bahamas.

Dreams do come true.

For years, we dreamed and saved for our trip. It was everything we thought it could be and more. Even with several catastrophes that involved getting sea sick and stuck in a water slide {more on this later}, it was still a fantastic trip.

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The day we boarded the ship

Family picture before boarding Disney dream cruise shipLobby on Disney dream cruise shipWe boarded the ship at lunch and couldn’t believe our eyes. The Disney ship known as the Dream was enormous and beautiful and pleasantly overwhelming. The lobby resembled a palace. 

Cabanas buffetLunch at Cabanas on Disney dream shipWord for the wise: Go to Cabanas {a buffet restaurant} on deck eleven as soon as possible. I’m not guaranteeing this, but we went shortly after we boarded, and there was hardly anyone up there. Lunch was amazing, and I was so happy we were able to eat as soon as we did {priorities, guys}.

Walt Disney theatre on Disney cruiseThe rest of the day, we explored the ship {keep your eyes peeled for hidden mickeys, by the way}, had a safety drill, saw the play Believe {it was Broadway level good}, and ordered room service. It was a fantastic day.

Mom on Disney dream cruise shipSarah on disney cruiseBefore dinner, we attended the sailing away party on the top two decks. There was music, dancing, and the ship’s horn signaled our departure. I can see why it’s called a sailing away party.

Unfortunately, my cousin and I missed dinner that night because we were sea sick, but we heard Animator’s Palate was a great restaurant.

Waiter at Disney dream cruise shipSpeaking of dinner, let me tell you how amazing the servers on the ship are. On a Disney cruise, you have the same staff who follows your family around for dinner each night. We’ve always heard how great the servers on Disney cruises are, and I can’t tell you how true this is. We loved ours! When we saw one of our servers on Castaway Cay in the Bahamas, we had to get a picture.

Docking at Nassau

Sisters in NassauMom and Dad in NassauCousins in Nassau in BahamasAs soon as we woke up, we grabbed breakfast at Cabanas and got off of the ship to walk around Nassau. Now, while I won’t say Nassau was my favorite nor do I ever want to go back, I will say I’m glad we got off the ship to see it. It was interesting {albeit terrifying} to get bombarded by locals to buy something from them, and I liked the fact I can say I’ve actually been to Nassau {not just docked there}.

The straw market is a big attraction for tourists, and I’d recommend going to see it. Just be sure to mentally prepare yourself before stopping by. It’s intense.

The Aquastuck

On board the Disney Dream cruise boatBecause so many people were still exploring Nassau, we thought it would be a good time to ride the infamous water slide known as the Aquaduck. 

We threw our swimsuits on, ran up the stairs to the top deck, and got in line.

While in line, I found myself gripping the railing of the staircase {there were several flights of stairs to get to the slide} and trying not to look down. I’m usually not squeamish about heights, but we were up so high. What made it worse was the wind. Every time the wind blew, I felt like I was going to blow off the deck to my death. 

As I waited, I tried to convince my sisters, who were also waiting to ride, the slide was no big deal. Ithe girl who was in full on freak out modewas trying to play it off cool. How’s that for irony? Turns out, Sydney and Emma were both fine. It was I who was not.

In my fear, I nervously tried to make conversation with others who were waiting in line for the slide of doom.

“So, have you done the Aquaduck before?” I asked several different people in a shaky, high-pitched voice.

Crickets. They literally refused to answer {Why? I have no idea; I can be absolutely delightful}.

Another ten minutes passed, and it was my turn. Sixty seconds. Sixty seconds until it’s over. I repeated to myself over and over, naively believing that was true. 

I sat down on the raft, gritted my teeth, and gave a thumbs up to my sisters. I can so do this.

The light turned green and I was plunged into the water slide…Only for it to get stuck a few feet down. 

“It’s stuck!” I yelled back to the woman who was manning the Aquaduck station. She peeked into the tube and said something I didn’t hear.

The raft slipped free right as I was about to ask the woman what to do and down into the slide I went.

Ten seconds in and I laughed. This is so fun! I’m actually enjoying th— 

The water trickled to a stop, and my raft stopped moving. 

I was stuck on the Aquaduck. Guess that means it’s now the Aquastuck?

I waited. And waited. And waited some more. It seemed like forever, but it was probably only three or four minutes. Five at the most.

Did anyone know I was trapped? No one except bystanders seemed to notice. Sure, it was embarrassing that complete strangers were pointing at me as I was lodged in the slide, but all I cared about was a Disney worker getting me out of that dang thing.

So, I did what any sane person in my shoes would’ve done. I made myself noticed.

“What’s going on?” I shouted a couple of times as I craned my neck around to where I boarded the raft. I can only imagine what people thought.

The woman who was in charge of the slide put both of her hands up and made a stopping motion. 

“Well, I wasn’t going anywhere if that’s what she’s afraid of. Been here for five minutes now, and I haven’t moved.” I muttered. At least she knew what happened, though.

Finally, after an eternity of being in a tube, a guy in red—a Disney worker, thank heavens—climbed down the slide.

I could have kissed him. I’ve never been so happy to see someone in my entire life.

He apologized for the incident and told me to carefully get out of the float. He motioned for me to follow him, and I butt-scooted to where a secret staircase was. I exited the slide of doom and didn’t look back.

Stuck on the aquaduck water slide on Disney cruiseI’d had my ten seconds on the Aquaduck, and that was enough for me. Apparently, it was enough for my sisters too because they refused to go on it after that.

We found out later several people had gotten stuck on the Aquaduck over the course of our trip. Guess I wasn’t the only one traumatized.

I’m sure it’s a great slide; a lot of people love it and can’t stop talking about it. Me? I was just happy to be alive.

If you’re not claustrophobic, afraid of heights, or scared at the chance of getting stuck, ride the Aquaduck! It’s supposed to be really fun, and people love it! 

For me, though, I’ll pass. It did give me a good story to tell, though, so I can’t complain too much.

Fun activities on the ship

With Walt Disney picture on Disney cruiseThere are so many fun activities to do on the ship, and we loved all of the ones we did. As I mentioned before, Disney puts on amazing plays {they did the plays Believe and Beauty and the Beast while we were there}, and there’s a full-sized movie theatre showing some of the latest movies. Score! 

Become a detective on Disney cruise ship“Become a Detective and Solve a Mystery” stations are located throughout the ship and offer a variety of mysteries for passengers to solve. We saw all ages playing, and everyone in our family enjoyed it. Emma grinned from ear to ear as we followed clues all over the ship. By the way, this is a great game to play your first day on the cruise as it helps you learn your way around.

Sydney on disney dream shipIf you aren’t able to find any activities on the ship you want to participate in {a very unlikely occurrence}, lounging out on the deck is an option. Deck four is a great place to relax because there are plenty of lounge chairs and shade.

Pirate night

Pirate night on Disney cruiseArgh matey!

Disney hosted a pirate night on the eleventh and twelfth decks, and let me tell you: it was so much fun. The stateroom host left pirate bandanas in our rooms so we could all dress in the proper pirate-y attire.

Fireworks on Disney cruise shipFrom playing pirate games to learning how to act like a pirate to helping Jack Sparrow retake his ship, there was no shortage of excitement. And not to mention watching the fireworks at the end was pretty spectacular.

Castaway Cay

Our Disney Cruise to the BahamasHands down, my absolute favorite part of the trip was Castaway Cay.  // Get my hat here. //

Castaway Cay in BahamasOh my word, it’s stunning. I can’t even describe how beautiful it was. 

Family picture on beach at Disney Castaway CayWe literally plopped ourselves in beach chairs and didn’t move all day. Watching the crystal blue water and soaking up the sun {loved this since it was 30* back home} were the only things on our agenda. I will say we got in the water a little bit and, of course, ate the delicious lunch provided on the island.

Family picture at Castaway Cay// Get my swimsuit cover-up here. //

Emma at Castaway CayIt was paradise, my friends. A paradise I greatly miss.

Goodbye, Bahamas

Madelyn on Disney dream cruise shipBefore we knew it, our trip was over, and we were back in the car for a day full of driving. It was a good trip for sure, and we made so many new memories. 

Goodbye, Bahamas!

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  1. “Aquastuck” is pretty funny”. The stories and beautiful photos are very entertaining. And, your dad is a really good man to cruise with so many girls. Good job capturing the memories!

  2. Madelyn, it was just yesterday I was holding you as a newborn in my arms;). I am so proud of how you have grown into such a Godly young woman who is inspiring and encouraging others through a beautifully written blog!! Keep using your talents to His glory!!!

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