Thanksgiving 2017 Recap

It’s hard to believe this time last week Thanksgiving preparations were underway. One week ago, grocery lists were a mile long, group texts detailing arrival times were exchanged among family members, and children’s groans from having to clean could be heard from down the street.

Thanksgiving is such a special holiday. More than that, though, what it represents is special. Family. Friends. Food. And thanking God from the very bottom of our hearts for all of the blessings, big and small, He has graciously given us.

What I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving

I mentioned what I’m grateful for in one of my posts on Instagram, but I’m going to go ahead and share it again. This year, I’ve been especially thankful for the little things we often take for granted. I’m thankful for the way laughter lights up someone’s face. I’m thankful for the orange and golden hues in early morning sunrises. I’m thankful for the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice. I’m thankful for bonfires with friends, family traditions, good books, pretty journals, and about a thousand other things… 

Thanksgiving 2017 Recap

Traveling for ThanksgivingFor Thanksgiving this year, we packed up the car and made the trip to our aunt and uncle’s house. The only thing louder than our old minivan’s sputtering was our rumbling stomachs. Thanksgiving lunch couldn’t have come soon enough; we were hangry. By the time lunch rolled around, I wondered if a beluga whale took up residence in my abdomen. Only turkey and my favorite rolls could silence it.

Cousins at ThanksgivingAfter we finished stuffing ourselves full with mac ‘n cheese, dressing, and ham, we spent much needed time together with our cousins.

Laughter Thanksgiving 2017I think the picture above is a pretty accurate depiction of how much fun our family has when we’re together {and after we’ve downed three different kinds of cake and two different types of pie}. It’s safe to say Grannie enjoyed herself, and I know everyone else did as well.

fall photo shootNext came the annual Thanksgiving photo shoot {while trying to hide how much we really ate}.

Sisters at ThanksgivingI’m super thankful for these girls…

Goofing off with sisters…and their sense of humor/weirdness/awesomeness.

Sydney's fall pictureMom insisted on taking individual pictures to replace the ones on our mantle. Our aunt and uncle’s land provided the perfect backdrop. How pretty is Syd? *insert heart eyes emoji*

Emma's fall pictureThis girl has one of the most carefree and adventurous spirits I’ve ever seen.

Madelyn's fall pictureThis counts as one of my senior pictures, right?

Cousins at Thanksgiving get togetherI’m so glad we were able to spend time with our cousin and catch up a bit.

Cousins exploringAbbie and Emma wasted no time exploring and running until they were out of breath. Me? I probably would’ve been greeted with Thanksgiving food for the second time that day but more power to them.

Thanksgiving coffeeA coffee break after Thanksgiving lunch is mandatory. I’d say it’s necessary for a hand warmer during family chats but honestly, it’s all about the caffeine. Trying to stay awake after eating turkey is not an easy feat, but a cup of coffee makes it all possible.

Family's mascot dogWallace has become the whole family’s “mascot.” Where my cousins go, he goes. Trips, family meals, and holiday gatherings wouldn’t be the same without ol’ Wallace. Although we and some of our other family members have pups of our own, we’ve all kind of adopted Jacob and Chancey’s dog.

Baby's first ThanksgivingHow cute is our little cousin? Let me tell you, though: this kid is a ham. He’s all smiles when he sees a camera flash and his duck face even made an appearance. He certainly keeps everyone on their toes and laughing.

Playing piano for holidaysBaby M giggles with glee when he hears someone playing the piano. I kid you not, he’ll start dancing when the first few notes of his favorite songs are played. His love for music may have something to do with the fact his big sis and grandpa are both musicians. Something tells me the newest addition to the family will soon have the same title.

Music on Black FridayFriday morning started off with our uncle’s rendition of “Holly Jolly Christmas” on the guitar. Not a bad way to begin a day. Not a bad way at all.

Sharing stories on ThanksgivingFor lunch on Friday, we had a fish fry courtesy of my aunt and uncle. Thanks to everyone bringing a side or dessert, the spread was ah-mazing. Tilapia, coleslaw, Red Lobster biscuits, sweet potato fries, and okra comprised our second feast for the week. Thanksgiving food and a fish fry all within two days makes this girl very happy {and about ten pounds heavier #WorthIt}.

After some of our cousins left, the rest of us gathered in the living room to chat about anything and everything. Family stories about my mom and her brothers made us laugh until our sides ached {and also caused us to question how they survived their childhood shenanigans}.

Moving to the topic of my Granddaddy led the family to reminisce about the legendary fishing trips he took my uncles on. Fishing trips that held a lifetime of memories and near death experiences. I didn’t have the chance to meet my mom’s dad before he passed away, but I’d give anything to spend a few hours with him. Somehow, I have a feeling we’d get along pretty well.

Family Thanksgiving 2017Friday night, we scarfed down the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers {I think I love the leftovers more than the original meal} and enjoyed time spent with our fam.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and an even better visit with family.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well!

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