Our 2017 summer garden has ceased producing. It’s expired. Bit the dust.


I’ve waited to publish this post for several weeks so I could include pictures of our garden’s last week + the rest of our harvests. 

Before I tell you about our last few weeks of our garden, go back and read about our planting day, updates on the garden’s progress, and what we’ve harvested. I’ve also included a recipe at the end of some of these posts! You can read these by clicking the titles below.



OUR 2017 SUMMER GARDEN | WEEKS 4-5 {recipe for bell pepper nachos included}

OUR 2017 SUMMER GARDEN | WEEKS 6-8 {recipe for squash dressing included}

Our garden harvests

I’m happy to announce this summer, we put up:

119 cans of beans.

30 quarts of squash.

31 quarts of okra.

11 quarts of bell peppers.

And we’ve given away so much more.

I’d say this year’s garden did well. 

Eleven weeks since planting the garden {July 4}

Overview of our garden week 11

Fruit garden covered with vinesAh, our fruit garden’s glory days.

Orange pumpkin growingUnfortunately, this is about as big as our pumpkins grew. We think we planted them too early. Although we couldn’t pick them this year, we’ll know to plant them later next year!

Honey dewFor some reason or another, our honeydew didn’t get ripe enough to pick either. We’re not quite sure what happened with it. Maybe too much water or too little?

Our 2017 Summer Garden Week 11We were pleased with our watermelon and ate our first one on July 4th. It was 38.4lbs of yumminess. I think it’s safe to say Sydney was happy absolutely thrilled.

Harvested watermelonSince then, we’ve picked dozens of watermelons. We couldn’t get rid of all of them! One Saturday, we literally loaded up my car with watermelons and drove to friends’ houses to deliver them.

Ripe tomatoes from gardenAfter weeks of babying our tomatoes, they were ready to pick.

We also harvested a lot of spaghetti squash! Turns out, every member in our family likes them {which is rare that we all like a certain food}.

Side note: I recently wrote a post about how to cook spaghetti squash which also includes a delicious recipe for mac ‘n cheese spaghetti squash. Go to that post HERE.

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